Tuesday, April 12, 2011

With Spring Comes Change

The snow has...and thank GOD for this...melted. And with the snow finially leaving us, gravel and soil streaked reminants diligently clinging to what little chill remains in the atmosphere, comes change. Simple, complex, surprising, constant...change.
My daughter...she's a mix of that surprising and constant change. Every day she'd a different person - talking more, showing more quirks and personality traits, growing in her little person body and always...always...amazing me. She's no longer an infant, no longer a baby...no longer a toddler even. She's this little person who can sit down beside me with an often read book and - although I know its a short board book and easy to memorize -  read to me, emphatically pronouncing statements given by the characters in the pages. The visual changes are almost as dramatic as the intelectual ones and she has this way of keeping me on my toes with every little change she makes.
Another change...I have joined the ranks of the mini-van mafia!! It was a must. Yes, I only have one child but I also have two very big dogs and a car that gets packed to the brim every time I go out to my parents for the weekend. After two months of careful consideration and a few test drives - I fell for a Chrysler Town and Country LX....the 2005...with the magical stow-n-go seating. I handled it smart, hagled my way to a low price and am hoping that I haven't taken a step in a very much wrong direction. Only time will tell, I guess.
Another change...this one gradual...and very much welcome. I've decided that I need to make changes in my job. I work with children...and yet I've lost the child in myself which isn't entirely fair to those I'm getting paid to educate and play with. I've decided that those kids...are my link to a childhood that I loved so much. And the change needs to be made within me to learn that childhood again, to learn how to play and have fun and not focus so much on controlling the uncontrollable.

"Spring has sprung, the grass has rise, I wonder where all the flowers is." ~ Unknown.

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