Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Art of Blogging...kind of.

As I take yet another step into the attempts at blogging I find myself there a way to do this? Is there a certain thing one must do when blogging? Do you pick a topic and run with it? Do you stay within a general theme, do you have a goal or a purpose that motivates you to delve into the world of technology and tread the boundaries of what is and what isn't something you may want the entire world knowing about you? Or do you just go and hope that somewhere along the line someone will think that you have something interesting to say and decide that you, as a blogger, are worth following, worth investing time in...worth noticing? What is the art of blogging?

I have friends who do it for the sole purpose of sharing a life that's been lived, a fear that's been conquered or is in the process of being conquered. My mother blogs to share information on their endeavor into the land of being entrepreneurs - to allow customers and potential customers to see the progress of their gardens and what new offerings will be provided as the season pushes forward. The movie Julia and Julia...she blogged to share her adventure in completing the culinary works of Julia Childes.

Maybe the question isn't 'what is the art of blogging' but 'What is the individuals concept of blogging'?
Sounds a bit more accurate, doesn't it?

Whatever the answer is, I hope to find it along the way.

"Your mind can set you free. To reach your own paradise just let go." ~Sucker Punch

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  1. My dear friend... All I can say is I hope you find your way. And more importantly, I hope you enjoy the journey. Because, at the end of things, the journey is the point.

    Love you.